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Awesome blog to check out!!

Hey everyone!! You should all go to the pokemon-daycare-centre’s blog!! Its really fantastic and similes-metaphor is the organizer of it!! They’re so nice and helpful to answering my questions ^-^ AND you can request a pokemon to breed for you if you’d like, with nature, ability, 0-5 IVs, and egg moves!! I did request a pokemon, and I got a darling Espurr from them, in such a short time!! Thank you again!!! Everyone, go check them out!!!

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Help Pokemon breeders!!


Alright Im trying to get a shiny magic bouce modest 5iv Espeon in hp,def,spatt,spdef, and speed

So I have a hidden ability modest 5iv eevee

and a 6iv ditto

and I want one of them to hold power lens to guarantee sp att iv

but I also want both of them to hold the…

Thank you so much!! And I didn’t know they would cancel each othe rout, so thanks for the advice!!! You’re very kind ^^

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At the same time I want alpha sapphire but im also scared im gonna transfer all my x pokemon to the new game and I already have money in x and I actually know how to breed and im scared the new mechanics require me to figure it out again

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